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Chaps – Hobby Horse Chap Inserts

Hobby Horse Chap Inserts

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Chaps – Hobby Horse Chap Inserts – Clever elasticized panel with a zipper on each side simply zips into your Hobby Horse show chaps to instantly add up to 2″ of ease all the way down the leg.  Regular Price:  $59.98.  Our Price:  $29.98.

Important Information about Hobby Horse Chap Inserts:
Hobby Horse chap inserts are designed to work with Hobby Horse chaps.  The inserts may work with other brands of chaps if the zipper teeth mate together to zip smoothly, which can only be determined by zipping the insert to the chaps.  Also, note that Hobby Horse chaps have the zippers modified to create a right-hand and left-hand zipper, as do the zippers on our chap inserts.  Even though our chap inserts may zip to other brands of chaps, one insert will zip from the hip to the heel, and one insert will zip from the heel to the hip if your chaps have not have the zippers modified.

To select correct length, measure your current chap zippers, the metal teeth portion, and order the same or next shorter size.


By:  Hobby Horse, Inc.


SKU:  6272

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Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

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